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Tuxedo 101...Everything You Need To Know About Tuxedos!

Fashion & Tradition

Who should wear tuxedos in the wedding?

It is customary for the groom and his groomsmen to wear tuxedos or nice tailored suits that match the formality of the bride's dress. When the fathers and grandfathers are part of the ceremony, they also tend to wear attire that matches the rest of the bridal party but a different vest color to distinguish their role. Ring bearers are always dressed in either a child tuxedo or suit. Occasionally, depending on the bride and groom's decision, ushers will also wear formal attire.

Should all tuxedos match for a wedding party?

Yes, it is very important that all men in the wedding party wear matching tuxedos. However, many brides prefer to have the groom wear a different style or color tuxedo. While this is an option, you may decide to take a subtle approach and select a different color for the groom's vest and tie.

Are there other choices besides tuxedos?

If you are deciding to have a semi-formal, outdoors or alternative wedding you may decide to have your men wear suits. For beach weddings, some parties choose to wear matching taupe or tan slacks with special wedding shirt. Overall, the formality of the men should match that of the bride and the rest of the wedding.

What is the difference between a Traditional Wedding and a Contemporary Wedding?

The term Traditional refers to a type of wedding where the choices made would model those of weddings from previous generations. Traditional weddings generally follow strict guidelines of etiquette and offer limited flexibility. The term Contemporary refers to all choices that differ from the Traditional approach.

Fitting & Wedding Registration

Do I need to make an appointment?

No, you do not need to make an appointment, although it is recommended that you at least contact the nearest Celebrate Tuxedos to find out when the best time would be to come in. To locate the nearest Celebrate Tuxedos location click on Store Locator.

How soon should we register for tuxedos?

Generally, the sooner you register the better, is our recommendation being to register and setup your tuxedos about 4 to 6 months prior to your wedding date. If you are unable to come in to register you can use Celebrate Tuxedos online wedding registration for those who are busy! The Bridal Party should be fitted within 1 month of registering your wedding.

What if some of my wedding party lives out of state, how can I get them fitted?

It is very simple! Have them go to their nearest tuxedo rental shop and ask to be fitted, have them get a copy of their measurements and then go to our out-of-town measurements page to send them to the Celebrate Tuxedos store you registered with!

Does everyone need to be fitted at the same Celebrate Tuxedo location?

No. All Celebrate Tuxedos locations are connected so your party can conduct business in whichever of our locations is most convenient for them.

Pick Ups & Returns

When do party members pick up their garments?

The date of your final fitting will be determined by you and your formalwear specialist when you register your wedding. Typically we schedule pick ups 1 to 2 days prior to your wedding so that your party members don't need to rush at the last second. We also strongly recommend that all members of the party try their garments on when they come to pick up their garment.

Do tuxedos ever need last minute adjustments?

With changes in body size of differences between designer cuts, it is sometimes the case that customers feel more comfortable after an adjustment or two has been made to their garments. Some adjustments can be made while you wait, in some cases however a follow up visit my be required for some adjustments. To handle last minute adjustments, all fitting must be completed by 6 pm on Fridays.

When do the tuxedos need to be returned?

We generally schedule garments to be returned the day after the event. If you'll require more time be sure to tell your formal wear specialist at the time of pick up.

What Is Venue Pick Up?

Celebrate Tuxedos offers a unique service by picking up all of your tuxedos at your reception venue. Simply let your formal wear specialist that you would like to participate and we will set you up!

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