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Conditions Of Rental Contract

* A minimum non-refundable service charge of $50 will e made on any order cancelled at any time before the date of use. No refund will be issued on any order cancelled within ten (10) days of the date of use.

* Orders changed within ten (10) days prior to pick-up will be subject to a change order fee of $20 per part per change.

* In order to ensure a proper delivery of product, we require a final fitting of each tuxedo by 5 pm on the Friday perior to the date of use. Any tuxedo removed from the store will not be eligible for replacement parts and no refunds will be given for non-fitting items.

* Customer acknowledges receipt of all of the items listed on this order and agrees that said items are merely rented to customer under the below state conditions, and said items shall at all remain the property of Celebrate Tuxedos. Customer further acknowledges responsibility for all loss or damage due to rips, burns, irremovable stains or otherwise up to the retain market value of the items lost or damaged in accordance with the price schedule. And, customer understands that the damage waiver does not cover loss or malicious damage.

* All garments must be returned on the first day after use. For any unreturned garment, the customer agrees to pay an extended rental fee of $30 per day for a period up to fifteen (15) days, after which the customer agrees to pay the retail market value of the garment incurred by Celebrate Tuxedos in the collection of monies owed. Renter must provide a credit card at pick up and hereby agrees that damage, loss and/or late fees will automatically charged to the credit card.

* Customer agrees that any liability of Celebrate Tuxedos of any kind or nature for damages to customer shall be limited to a maximum of the rental charges of customer under this agreement.

* Customer agrees that Celebrate are not responsible for personal items left in the apparel.

* Sale is final without recourse and no refunds will be made after garment leaves the store.

* No claims or shortages will be allowed unless reported or adjusted prior to the date of use.

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